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The Hoff Law Group represents clients in the areas of insurance defense and coverage, commercial civil litigation, including product liability, FAA Enforcement, transportation law, regulatory and administrative matters, corporate and commercial law, and international aviation liability matters.  The size of the Firm permits personal attention to each client and his or her individual requirements.  Accordingly, there is close personal involvement in the Firm which is not found in larger firms where clients are often handled as institutions.  Each member of the Firm aggressively pursues individual areas of emphasis and assignment, and endeavors to achieve personal excellence.

We have represented domestic and international clients involving a broad range of exposures in the liability defense areas of commercial and general aviation.  Our clients include Part 121 and 135 air carriers, airport operators (Part 139 and non-Part 139), control tower operators, including the Independent Contract Tower Operators under the FAA Contract Tower Program, fixed base operators, ground service organizations, skydiving operations, product manufacturers/distributors, “heavy lift” external load operators; liquid petroleum gas and pressure vessel liability matters; construction of surface and subterranean structures; and general transportation matters.

The Firm effectively utilizes strategy to reach the desired result for clients.  The Hoff Law Group features extensive in-house expertise in the areas of practice.  Thus, the Firm is not overly reliant on expert witnesses.  This independence gives the Firm’s attorneys the ability to build cases that protect the interest of our clients.  This technical proficiency gives the Firm the ability to pursue clients’ interests both technically and legally.

The Firm has litigated numerous insurance defense and subrogation cases in domestic and international losses involving wrongful death, personal injury, and property/casualty losses. The Firm also handles insurance coverage matters.  The majority of this litigation has involved complex multiparty matters and the use of expert witnesses for issues including: accident reconstruction, pilot conduct, design deficiencies, and air traffic control analysis.  For example, in the field of product liability, the Firm has handled cases pertaining to a broad array of aircraft and aerospace products, including but not limited to engines, tail rotor bearings, rotorcraft iolite bushings, elastomeric dampers, parachute Automatic Activation Devices (AAD), student harness container parachute systems, aircraft sealants, LOX/Paraffin hybrid rockets, flight control systems, aircraft wiring, aircraft deicing systems, fuel servos, crankshaft gear bolts, aftermarket turbine engine conversions, fuel control units, and autofeathering systems.

The Firm offers the essential ingredients of successful legal advocacy: technical competence in both the law and subject matter; extensive practical experience both in litigation and the subject matter; and initiative and enthusiasm for our practice.  At the Hoff LAw Group, we believe trust, confidence, and a close working relationship between our staff and clients is the cornerstone of a successful relationship.